Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lesson from the Library - Week 6

In the oversized books on the library shelves I discovered a world of human vision.  These were eye opening to a girl from a small midwestern town were the acceptable art were calendars with paintings by Norman Rockwell or the overly pious religious art behind the pulpit on Sunday.

Suddenly the human form was a thing of beauty, exotic locales became real, and a realization that humans had in the earliest moments sought to describe their inner thoughts in line, color, and shading.  

In that process came an expansion of my world and a realization that maybe there was something beyond the boundaries of the town where I lived.  The two dimensional limits of the life I knew began to develop depth and sutbtle shades of new meaning.

All because, a large book on a little used shelf caught my eye and I opened its covers to discover the world.

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